When my husband and I bought our home in a Maryland suburb of Washington DC  little did we realize how much help it needed. The first ten years were like walking through a landmine with pipes bursting and roofs leaking. The first time we had guests it started to rain outside and soon it was also raining inside our house. Then the fireplace turned into a waterfall. My sister turned to me and said “Isn’t this the way The Amityville Horror started?”  Well, that was 1999 and we have since managed to create a home that we love.

My husband is a scientist/artist, my son is a student at Rhode Island School of Design, and my daughter is in med school. I like to consider myself an artisan, seamstress of home furnishings, and painter of furniture and interiors. Hopefully, we can share with you how we have made this house a home with things we have created from fabric, found objects and once loved antiques in need of some TLC.  And yes, I love thistles. Especially the beautiful ones dotting the French countryside.



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