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My little story of how my little table came into being… My husband and I were out and about when we happened upon a trash pile on the curb in front of a house being torn down. It was raining–hard–so we felt beholden to make a rescue. In truth, we saw an old marble topped washstand and in the gutter, a little table base. Needless to say, the car slid to a screeching halt. Someone had to save them from the rainstorm—might as well be us. The washstand was pressed into service right away, but the tiny table base languished in my husband’s project pile in his basement workroom over the next two years.

The project pile gets bigger and bigger with every yard sale find and free curbside treasure that we bring home. There is now no room to work on anything in the workroom. I think the next yard sale should be our own—or maybe just put it all out on the curb for drive-bys with good intentions.

Sometimes I think unfinished projects are just interlopers on the yard sale circuit—moving from one jam-packed house to another in search of a pair of loving hands. Actually, the love is the easy part–it’s the time that’s hard to come by. I mean, how many unbuilt dollhouse kits are out there? I am sure a million zillion are in peoples’ attics and basements. You open the box, see a million zillion little pieces and your eyes just glaze over.

So back to my little story… One day my husband decided he needed a table for his coffee cup and reading glasses next to the new comfy chair that he sits in every morning with his newspaper. So I went to the workroom project pile and pulled out the little table base. I figured I could find some sort of table top for it. Maybe a tray or basket from HomeGoods would work. Something that didn’t entail using power tools. What did we do before HomeGoods! I found this little basket and knew the rectangular shape would mirror the base of the table perfectly.

I glued a black grosgrain ribbon around the rim just to give it a finished look (any excuse to use black grosgrain ribbon)–then just flipped her over and glued her to the table. Bonus–it does double duty as a coaster!

And sometimes it turns into a tea table for moi! Yep, such a versatile little table.

It is just the right size for the tight space next to my husband’s chair and I think it looks adorable. Yep, did not need to use any power tools. Just some glue! Oh happy day and happy husband with his coffee cup table.

~ Lynette